Fort Mill Middle School

Comments from students at Fort Mill Middle in response to this question:

What impact has being a part of OSOH had on you?

Being a part of OSOH has really inspired me to do more good in the world.  After experiencing the joy I get from helping and knowing I’ve made a difference in someone’s life is possibly the best feeling I know.  ~ Maddie Thompson, 7th grade

OSOH has changed my perspective of the world.  I no longer focus on the problems in my life.  I know that there are problems all over the world and doing the smallest things like even donating a dollar can make a difference.  Helping with our OSOH outreach project for the past three years has shown me that I want to do more in life and help solve problems around the world. ~Hannah Drury, 8th grade

Being a OSOH school has taught me that little things can make a big difference. It has helped us build friendships across continents while building hope and leadership. ~ Hayden Templeton, 8th grade

OSOH has taught me to do good in the community and how to work well with my peers. ~Quinn Will, 8th grade

Middle school students have a great capacity for compassion and empathy. Often, it’s just a matter of helping them find a meaningful way to express it. Being a One School, One Hope site has given our students a way to see beyond their own circumstances and into the lives of students in difficult situations in Ecuador. By raising money to help these students get an education, our students have learned to better value their own. The experiences of giving to others have become part of the culture of our school.

Treva Hammond
Treva Hammond